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Round 2

BCEF Queen of Hearts

Drawing location:

Win, Lose, or Draught (WLD)

Satellite Location:

The Tap Room


Next Drawing:

Super Drawing!!

January 3rd, 2024


Current Pot:


The Board

7 Clubs.png
Q Clubs.png
K Hearts.png
Jack of Spades.png
9 Spades.png
5 Clubs.png
2 spades.png
4 of Diamonds.png
6 of Spades.png
8 Diamonds.png
10 Clubs.png
K Spades.png
Jack of Hearts.png
8 Hearts.png
4 Spades.png
2 Diamonds.png
2 Hearts.png
6 Hearts.png
9 of Clubs.png
4 Hearts.png
9 Diamonds.png
6 Clubs.png
J Clubs.png
A Diamonds.png
4 of Clubs.png
7 Diamonds.png
5 Hearts.png
A Clubs.png
Ace of Spades.png
7 hearts.png
3 Hearts.png
10 Spades.png
Q Spades.png

The Rules

1. All raffle tickets are $1.00 per ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. Ticket sales, locations and times will be posted online.


2. Tickets can be purchased at Win, Lose or Draught (WLD), 7004 Kingsmill Court, during business hours (10am-1am) up until the day of the drawing utilizing the ticket machine as marked. The day of the drawing, tickets can be purchased in person from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at WLD and as well as the satellite location: The Tap Room, 104 E Mulberry St, Chatham.


3. There can only be one name per ticket. Each ticket MUST include the following:

  • Legal First and Last Name (No nicknames, aliases or abbreviations)

  • Contact phone number including area code

*Each ticket must include the above information otherwise the ticket will be invalid and another ticket will be chosen.


4. The drawing will take place on Wednesdays as noted at 7:00 pm at Win, Lose, or Draught located at 7004 Kingsmill Court.


5. You or a representative must be present to pick a card number. Each week, if you are the 1st ticket drawn, but you are not present, you will win $100. Tickets will continue to be drawn until the ticket purchaser (or representative) is present, but no further absent participants will win $100. If you (or a representative) is present and your ticket is drawn, you will choose a number. If you open a non face card you will win $200. If you open a face card, you will win $300. If you open a Queen (not Queen of Hearts), you will win $500 and if you open the Queen of Hearts you win the raffle. A check for winnings will be issued to the name on the matching ticket. During the Queen of Hearts Super Draw on January 3rd, 2024, tickets will be consecutively drawn until the raffle is complete. Each individual will open one of the remaining windows and will receive $50 for any card until the Queen of Hearts is drawn, which will receive 60% of the pot. 


6. The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly. The prize pool amount based on ticket sales, will be updated and prominently displayed.


7. The Queen of Hearts game consists of individual game boards and the winner will receive 60% of the pool and the additional 40% will go to Ball Chatham Educational Foundation and operational costs.


8. The Queen of Hearts game board will be locked at all times except for the drawing.


9. All winners are responsible for any and all taxes. A 1099 will be issued.

Congratulations to Kim Pappas,
our $1143.00 Round 1 Winner 

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